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As a parent with a disabled child, what are my rights?

What is the difference between a 504 and an IEP?

How can I get the school to communicate with me?

What scientifically researched based programming is available?

How do I close the learning gap?

What do I do about bullying?

What does my child's evaluation mean?

Do I need an independent evaluation and if so what type?

Who can assist me in mediation?

How does this presentation of this disability affect my child's ability to access his education?


How do I know that his IEP is appropriate?


How can I be sure he is making meaningful progress?


They keep telling me that he is making progress but I don't see it. What do I do?


How can I be asured that progress is being made?


How do I monitor IEP implementation?


Are there alternatives to Due Process?


When and why should I hire an advocate or lawyer?


Who knows how to evaluate my child and document his needs for the school?


What is the appropriate placement for my child?


What do I do if his functional day to day skills do not equal what they say he has learned and mastered?


Does an IEP only address school skills or can it address home and community skills?


What do I do if his doctor's say he has many more educational needs and the schools says he is just fine?




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