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Initial review is done on all cases

It includes an intake with review of educational and medical records and then a parent meeting to develop a coordinated action plan. 


Hourly fee for services

IEP meetings, team meetings, interagency meetings, mediation, insurance appeals


Call for contract.





IDENTIFICATION of educational needs.


•    Educational and Medical Record Review

         - Unidentified needs

         - Underidentified needs  

         - Educational Needs Assessment

•    FBA/ Behavioral Specialist Consulting



EMPOWER of the parent so that they understand that THEY are the most effective advocate for their child.


•   Parent Advocacy Trainings
•   Expert Service Advice Referral

     - Education Lawyer for consult or Due Process

     - Financial Consultant for trust development)



COORDINATION of services with the school and multiple agencies with a focus on the child’s needs vs. the availability of resources.


•    Federal, State & Community Service Referrals

•    Health Care Liaison Services

•    Facilitated Inter-Agency Meetings

•    Facilitated Behavioral Team meetings

•    Disability / Autism Life Plan Development



ADVOCACY for appropriate programming, resources, progress, realistic goals, data monitoring and supports.


•    Facilitated IEP and Section 504 Meetings

•    Procedural Safe Guards and educational 

     rights (IDEA, NCLB/ESEA, 504 & ADA)

•    IEP Implementation Monitoring

•    Inclusion facilitation

•    Juvenile justice System Advocacy

•    Insurance or Service Denial Appeals

•    IEP Management - Action Plan



COLLABORATION in the development of programs that address specific learning, social, emotional,  functional, needs and strengths so that the student can derive meaningful progress from their education in the least restrictive environment.


•    Facilitated Negotiation

      (with the School District/ LEA/ SEA)

•    Communication Coaching

      (agendas, letters, phone calls)

•    PBSP and/or Home Program Development

•    Mediation Consulting

•    Inclusion Consulting



REFERRAL to appropriate independent  evaluators for focused assessments and expert educationally based reports.


•   Research Based Interventions and


•   identification of previously misidentified

     disabilities and educational needs

•    Accommodation and specially designed

     instruction recommendations

•    Referrals for diagnostic evaluations &


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