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Inclusion Quotes


"Inclusion is a process of identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging."
Early Childhood Forum (2003)


At a time when the community is in need, one should not say, "I will go home and peace be to you," but rather one should participate in the alleviating the community's trouble.

Pisikei Zutari BShalach 17


"Inclusion is a personal philosophy and a way of life."

Onley Participates in Local Inclusion Celebration


“Disability need not be an obstacle to success … It is my hope that … this century will mark a turning point for inclusion of people with disabilities in the lives of their societies.”

Professor Stephen Hawking


 "Democracy demands that all are included and their voices are heard on equal footing with the louder and more influential economically powerful."

Kirk T. Coates


 "Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists, it is making a new space, a better space for everyone."

Rachel Olivero, Diversity Officer


 "If you can help your child understand that it's good to include all of their (his/her) classmates so no one feels left behind, you've gone a long way toward helping them (him/her) learn compassion for others."

Dr. Jessica Luitjohan, Pediatric Psychologist


"I am hopeful about the future. My faith tells me that God is always working for the coming of the kind of Kingdom in which we all are respected, all are valued, all are included. And in the end, God wins."
Bishop V. Gene Robinson


"A pre-condition for social inclusion is a decent wage. That should be a major priority of any program concerned with social inclusion."

Brian Lawrence, Chairman, Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations


"In my opinion, it has always been a spiritual and moral imperative that all of God's children, any person, men and women alike, feel 'I have access, I am included' in the ideals and tradition of our faith, whatever that faith may be. Humanity is created in the likeness of God without exception. All humanity has the right to be embraced fully."

Rabbi Howard Morrison


"A Chinese proverb reads, as an ocean admits all rivers, one is to be inclusive to all things."

Vice President Xi, China


"I think I asked him once, 'Do you ever recall being tolerated?' And he said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'It didn’t feel particularly good.' So why should we aspire to tolerance when what we should really aspire to is inclusion? Because tolerance is typically artificial. It’s insincere, and that doesn’t get us to where we want to be."

Michael Reed, Williams College


“Inclusive education seeks to address the learning needs of all children, with a specific focus on those who are vulnerable to marginalization and exclusion. The goal is to promote opportunities for all children to participate and be treated equally.”

Andie Fong Toy, Acting Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariate


"Schools that include everyone promote harmony along with an appreciation for the differences that mark us individually and culturally. Segregation fosters unfamiliarity, distrust and disrespect, breeding grounds for harassment and bullying – among kids and countries."
Helen Henderson, Columnist


Inclusion requires facilitated active and valued participation. It is not just sitting in a room with others.

Marie Lewis, Executive Director, National Special Education Advocacy Institute


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