What is Prior Written Notice?

June 28, 2015


By Marie Lewis






Notice of Recommended Educational Placement NOREP  & Prior Written Notice  PWN


The NOREP/PWN is a school district’s written request to parents to approve or revoke consent for special education and related services.






The issuance of a NOREP/PWN is required by Federal regulations (34 CFR 300.300(b)(4)(i)) prior to the termination of special education and related services. 


It is issued when there is a:

·      Proposed initial provision of special education and related services (For this action, the school may not   

       proceed without your written consent )

·      Refusal to initiate an evaluation (Must issue Procedural Safeguards Notice)

·      Proposed change to identification

·      Proposed evaluation

·      Proposed change in educational placement

·      Proposed change in the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE)

·      Refusal to change the identification, evaluation or educational placement of the child or the provision of a

       free appropriate public education (FAPE)

·      Change of placement for disciplinary reasons   (10 day continuous/15 days total)

·      Due process hearing, or an expedited due process hearing, initiated by school/district

·      Graduation from high school for a special education student

·      Exiting special education and/or related services

·      Exiting high school due to exceeding the age eligibility

·      Extended School Year (ESY) services


·      Response to request for an independent educational evaluation (IEE) at public expense

·      Other changes


A NOREP/PWN provides :

·      A description of the action proposed or refused by the school district.

·      PWN as to why the school/district proposed or refused to take the action. PRN must be issued within a

       reasonable period of time. A reasonable period of time is defined as ten calendar days.

·      A description of other options that the IEP team considered and the reasons why those options were r


·      A description of each evaluation procedure(s), assessment(s), record(s) or report(s) used as a basis for the

       proposed action or action refused.

·      A description of other factors that were relevant to the school's/district's proposal or refusal. 

·      A description of the educational placement recommended for your child is:

o   Amount of Special Education Supports/ Continuum of Placements:

  • Itinerant support in regular education <20%

  • Supplemental special education >20% - <80%

  • Full-time special education class 80% or >

  • Approved private school (only for some states)

  • Out of district placement (private school)

  • Residential placement

  • Homebound instruction

      o   Type of Special Education Supports:

      Learning Support, Life Skills Support, Emotional Support, Deaf or Hearing Impaired Support, Blind or Visually Impaired Support, Speech and Language Support, Physical Support, Autistic Support, Multiple Disabilities Support

·      Denotes parental approval or disapproval of the proposed action.

·      Documents of reason for parental disapproval.

·      Denotes a request for  

       o   Meeting with school personnel

       o   Mediation or

       o   Due Process Hearing

·    Includes RESOURCES for parents. 


Copyright 2015 Marie Lewis


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